You think that it would be easy to give back to the community, but in some instances it can be challenging. We all have ideas and passions, and as I mentioned in earlier posts that passion is key. The first organization I want to talk about is an organization called Dayton Inspires.

I cannot think of a better organization to get involved with than Dayton Inspires. Their mission is simple: “To shift the perception of Dayton.” Starting out as an idea from the UpDayton “SummitUp” conference, Dayton Inspires is a grassroots campaign to inspire community pride in Dayton through a group of local dedicated Daytonians.

Dayton Inspires is simple. All you have to do is ask yourself one question, “What about Dayton Inspires you?” For Zack Sliver, it has been the city and its people. “I’m involved with Dayton Inspires because I want to change the perception on how people view Dayton,” Sliver said. “I want to be able to make someone’s day in an ‘out of the box way.’ It allows me to be creative and help people to open their eyes to all that Dayton truly has to offer.”

Zack is one of numerous Daytonians volunteering his time to help the cause gain the traction needed to make a difference and better our city.

A few of these initiatives include recent campaigns such as “Dayton Inspires:  A Cleaner City,” which involved tackling some of the more trash-filled areas of Dayton.  Giving a nod to growing Dayton’s social presence, the Dayton Inspires “Selfie Wall” located on the side of Brim hat shop in the Oregon District does just that.  The wall encourages one and all to stop and take a selfie and share what inspires them about Dayton by, using the hashtag #DaytonInspires.  Dayton Inspires most recent campaign was their “Friendsgiving”  initiative which provided 50 local Dayton families a full meal for the holidays.

So how can you get involved?  First, start by following all of the Dayton Inspires social media accounts.  These accounts can help keep you up to date with all the information about upcoming initiatives.  Next, log onto their website and enter your information to let them know what you are passionate about and how you would like to get involved.  Also feel free to contact Zack Sliver via email at

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