SUCCESS! It has finally happened. Today is the freaking day! After years and years of research, I have finally identified the true meaning behind the word Dayton, and let me tell you it was not easy.

Hours of countless reading and drinking… well not so much reading, but you get the point. Below I will reveal to you the six words that define what truly Dayton means. Oddly enough they each start with a letter that spells out Dayton. Pretty convenient huh?

D is for Drinks

Let’s be clear. If you did not know this before you read it, you are not a true Daytonian. Dayton loves its craft beer scene. Brewery after brewery continues to pop up. They have become a staple of this community. Local bars and restaurants proudly carry and serve as many local beers as possible. It is a badge of honor, as well as the ultimate sign of respect. Sometimes you have to make last call more important than that conference call.

A is for Active

Dayton stays active. Dayton is out and about and loving every minute of it. From the Bike share program to River Run there is always something to keep you busy. Don’t like those options? No problem. How about you head to church and start climbing the walls inside. Urban Krag can help with that. Need to beat out some aggression? Try a boxing class at Title Boxing. Still not striking a chord yet? What about doing some Hot Yoga at Speakeasy Yoga? Your options are endless.

Y is for Yummy

Yum-Yums for your Tum-Tums. Dayton’s food scene is vast and “full” filling. From high class dining to hole in the wall dives, those hunger pains will last no more within your soul. If nothing catching your eye, wait a week and I am sure you Food Truck rally will pop up right next to your office. Can’t wait? Then try a grilled cheese or two or three at King’s Table.

T is for Torque

Dayton is a city built on the foundation of manufacturers. These machine shops, tool and dyes, and numerous other crafts laid the groundwork that Dayton stands upon today. We were and are a town that worked hard for the daily dollar and stood by our work. Give us the opportunity to turn a wrench, and we will supply with you a masterpiece.

O is for Overcome

“Dayton is dying,” “Dayton sucks,” “Why do you live in Dayton?”, “Nothing happens in Dayton,” “Dayton is great if you have never been anywhere else.” These are just a few of the ignorant sayings that Daytonians hear, and say, on a daily basis and my response is simple. We stick up for our city and overcome what is said. It is not the first time someone has made fun of us, nor will it be the last. We are a duck in the water, we let the water simply roll off our backs and keep swimming.

N is for Nook

The City of Dayton is nestled away perfectly within a nice little nook. Being a stone’s throw away from our state capital as well as Cincinnati, we snugly fit in a perfect little nook. It is a breeze to get from once side of the city to another, there really is no such thing as traffic, and it is the perfect size for those looking to make a greater impact.

What does Dayton truly mean for you?

 Comment on what you think Dayton stands for!