Who am i?

I am a lifelong Daytonian who prides himself in bolstering the city I live in by either supporting its local businesses, usually in the form of a local craft beer or stopping by one of Dayton’s fantastic eateries, or simply writing about it through my blog on Dayton.com.  I am passionate about our city’s young professional development as well as how our community implements its strategies to involve all aspects of life.

How did i get here?

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and I have been a proud Daytonian for nearly three decades.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Dayton, where I started out as an intern for C.H. Dean. I have been with the firm ever since, learning every aspect of the business to better service our clients.  It has been my pleasure to take part in several Young Professional initiatives, which connected me with community leaders across the Dayton Region.  

What do i love about Dayton?

One of the many aspects I love about my job is the amount of time I get to interact with the local community and Dayton based business leaders.  Whether it is through Business Links at the Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce, a networking event at a local Dayton brewery or cheering on the UD Flyers at the Arena, I love being an active advocate for this area.  There are so many amazing causes I am involved with in the Greater Dayton area and you can get involved with too!

What inspires me?

The inspiration that keeps me going is what I like to call the “Four F’s” in my life:  Faith, Family, Friends, and Fraternity.  Being a part of the Catholic faith and Marianist tradition has helped put so many events and tough times into proper perspective.  My family is truly the foundation on which my life was built. They made me the person I am.  The compliment to my family are my friends.  These are the people in my life that push me to become better and never settle for anything less.  Finally, there is my fraternity.  I am a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp – ΣΦΕ).  These are the men who – no matter what happens – will always be there.

Honors & Awards

2017 - Dayton Civic Leaders Award

2016 - Best Local Celebrity: Dayton.com

2016 - Leadership Dayton Class

2015 - Dayton.com Blogger (Socially Savvy)

2015 - Daytonian of the Week

2015 - Fight Night Fighter

2014 - DBJ Forty Under 40 Winner

2014 - Hunks in Heels, Winner

2013 - Young Professional of the Year