Catapult Creative and I after they just WON the 2014 Dayton Business Journal's "Rookie Business of the Year" Award

Do you know the feeling of driving in your car with the windows down during the middle of July?  It is the magic hour with the sun setting, temperature perfect, and the one & only song you know every word to comes on the radio.  This is truly a pure and beautiful moment, and such a moment is captured rarely in life.  It seems to be highly elusive and when the moment presents itself, you only hope to have enough battery life in your phone to record the moment forever, or at least until you can post it to Facebook.  The folks over at Catapult Creative live for that moment daily and seem to always capture it.

Catapult Creative is a full-service creative agency that caters to a range of businesses from small to large.  Catapult offers an array of strategic solutions for marketing, advertising, branding, web development, SEO, video, online services, graphic design, and more. The company’s scope is wide, but extremely focused on surpassing the desired results for their clients. Through their broad network of contractors they have also been able to successfully develop technology based products for clients that integrate seamlessly with their in-house services.

The agency started on January 1st, 2013, with 4 partners who possessed a diverse set of skills focusing on website development, video, graphic design and endless networking.  About 4 months in, they joined forces with Pure Web Results, which allowed them to further expand their online marketing capabilities. Today they remain 4 partners (though one has replaced an original partner) and have added 2 full-time employees.  These partners are:  

  • Matthew Sliver (CEO and Idea Services Manager) is the fearless leader of the group.  There is a strong chance that if you have attended a recent networking event within the Dayton area you have seen him.  Matt’s focus is providing exceptional quality service to all customers.  
  • Daniel Rizer (Creative Director and CFO) is the cosmetologist who makes all of this look beautiful. Having worked in the industry for 15 years, he is also the seasoned veteran at Catapult.  An expert on branding, design and marketing solutions, he makes sure their work is always of great quality.  
  • Josh Boone (Strategist and CTO), formerly of Pure Web Results, puts all of the pieces together and helps Catapult see the bigger picture. He is an expert in online marketing, SEO services and website architecture. He is also the go-to guy when modern solutions to technical problems are needed.  
  • Max Spang (Video Production Manager) has a strong expertise in coordinating beautiful and narrative video productions that effectively convey their client’s viewpoint in a professional and unique manner.  Max is the video department of Catapult.

I have had the privilege of getting to know the people at Catapult Creative over the past few months and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing them grow and become a company within the Dayton region that not only invests in its community, but helps change it for the better.  Be sure to check out all their up-to-date information via Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.  If you are down on Ludlow Street look for the window with Batman standing in it, and be sure to stop in and say hello!