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For weeks I socially hid from the ALS Ice bucket challenge.  I started seeing it pop up all over social media.  Twitter hash tags read #ALSIceBucketChallenge , #IceBucketChallenge , #StrikeOutALS .  Facebook videos started to appear as mini movie series within my feed of friends and family pouring cups, pints, gallons, and even tractor loads full of icy cold water over their bodies in support of this life crippling disease.  Then… I was challenged.

As with any popular trend you have your supporters as well as the “Negative Nancys”.  I started reading articles that said, “You are not a Philanthropist if you pour water on your head.  Stop wasting ice and water and start writing checks.”  This made me think.  With all these videos of people dumping water on themselves, is attaining contributions?

I did some investigative reporting and started messaging my friends and family who have taken the challenge.  I found out an astonishing fact.  Not only were they doing the challenge, spoiler alert, but they were also donating to the cause.  Shocking… I know (are you picking up on my sarcastic tone yet).  Now granted, there were a handful of people who said they did not donate due to economic reasons or they just didn’t want to, and some even ended up donating to other worthy local and national organizations.

The big picture point I am trying to get across here is that with one simple idea, one person started a trend that within about a month and a half, gave national recognition to a terrible disease as well as raised double digit MILLIONS of dollars for a worthy cause and also sparked donations for other reputable organizations.  For that, I tip my hat and dump a bucket for the cause.  Check out my video below: