The Holidays have been in full swing and we are only about a week away from Christmas. I wanted to take the time to wish everyone I know, a safe & fun-filled Holiday Season.  I am glad I have met so many new people this year and have had many amazing adventures.  Thanks to all who have helped me make the most out of every second this year!

This goofy picture to the left was the holiday card I sent out this year.  No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  That is me, taking a Selfie with my dear friends Mike & Alysa DiMarco in Rochester, New York, just after they kissed and made their marriage official.  I was in the wedding party and at that moment thought, "You know what... this is a great Holiday Card opportunity...Let me take a selfie".  They were great sports and were very surprised when the card came in the mail.  I still can't believe that I timed it just right.  

The fun part is that this picture taught me a few things:

1)     Have fun no matter where you are in life.  From time to time we tend to get caught up in our crazy lives.  It seems that at every recent networking event I have attended, when I am chatting with someone and asking them how things are going, the response is usually something along the lines of, “Busy!” or “I do not really know because I have just been running around.”  As a frequent user of these lines, I have told myself, I need to have some fun no matter what, and this picture reminds me of that every day.

2)     Horace said it best: CARPE DIEM (seize the day)!  If you have a chance to do something great or make a positive impact in your life or another’s… DO IT! Just as this picture reminds me, I saw a moment that I was going to remember forever and I seized it.

3)     Loosen up the tie and slouch a little.  Usually at weddings everyone is decked to the nines in beautiful dresses or suits.  At this wedding there was that, as well as yours truly in a tuxedo.  There are always rigid rules a person has to follow and no one really wants to color outside the lines, but doing the same thing day in and day out, in addition to following the same pattern, can become dull and tiring.  One day, try being the ram (leader) and not the sheep (follower).

Again, to everyone I know, Happy Holidays!