The idea of running in a baton race is already making my heart start to pump as I sit here & type (guess my doctor was right about getting more cardio in my life), but the idea of it is simple and pure.  Think about it, you have a team of people whom you care about, know and trust.  As you complete your own portion of the race, you pass the baton on to another.  This is the idea and vision that creator Jordan Hocket had when the Dayton Baton came to fruition. 

Hocket wanted to do something positive for the Dayton area and after attending his first TEDxDayton he was inspired to start the Baton after much contemplation.  After running the idea in front of members of the group New Media Dayton as well as the creative geniuses of Catapult Creative (Recent DBJ Rookie Business of the Year Winners), he knew he was onto something amazing.

The main purpose of the Baton is to showcase the positive elements of Dayton and make those little gems known to the Dayton area.  It is a platform for the community to gain exposure for events, local business, non-profits, you name it.  You, the follower, get to see Dayton through the eyes of everyday people in your community.

The great thing about the Baton is that anyone can run it.  “Average Joe” who lives down the street or the CEO of a local Dayton company both have equal opportunity to showcase their slice of Dayton.  Some notable runners have been ABC22 / FOX45, Dayton City Paper, Rue Dumaine, and even the UD Flyers during the First Four and Dayton Hoopla events.

So how does it work?  Visit to view the calendar and fill out the form with your preferred date.  Then once your day arrives, you’ll receive an email with the login information and a link to the “Runner’s Guide.”  Then you share your day with everyone using the Dayton Baton Instagram account which will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and the website too!

I am honored to be running the Baton on November 12, 2014,  and I challenge you to do the following:

1.       Follow the Dayton Baton via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

2.       Sign up for a day to run the Baton

3.       Share your Dayton story with everyone in the area!

Shoutout to Jordan Hocket (Twitter: @_JHock) for taking the time to chat with me and give me some additional info about the Baton!