This is how my office looked today when I arrived at work.  I love my job and I love this City!

This is how my office looked today when I arrived at work.  I love my job and I love this City!

On this day, 28 years ago, I was able to start my life here in the Dayton area.  Ever since then I have spent almost every birthday here in town.  With that said, I thought it would be cool to share 4.5 reasons why Dayton is an amazing city in which to have your birthday!

1) Local Dayton Eateries

Do you know how many local Dayton restaurants we have in this city?  This is not a rhetorical question; I really would like to know because I have lost count of how many amazing places there actually are.  I have been blessed each year to try a new restaurant that has popped up and also to revisit some of my favorites (I am pretty fond of Coco’s Bistro mainly because that’s my nickname – “Coco”).  In a matter of minutes you can have a slice of Flying Pizza, or try and bite off a piece of the “Monster Grilled Cheese” from The Dublin Pub.  Either way, each year has always been a success!

2) Delicious Brews

This has been more recent.  I really enjoy the Dayton Brewing scene.  Let me rephrase by saying, I LOOOOOOOVE the Dayton Brewing scene.  One of the best places I truly enjoy is Warped Wing.  From the beers to the atmosphere it is truly an amazing experience, and it is just a short walk from Toxic Brew Company and the Fifth Street Brew Pub (of which I am proud to be a member).  Not only do you taste delicious beer, but you are having an amazing time by supporting Dayton local companies.

3) Outdoors Anyone?

I love the fall and I love having a birthday in the fall even more.  One of the main reasons is the ability to get out and hit up some of my favorite Five Rivers Metro Parks trails.  In most years the color changes are absolutely breathtaking.  Oh by the way, did I mention it’s a great form of exercise?

4) Local Flavor

The local flavor within the city is hands down top tier.  You genuinely get to experience another person’s or company’s true passion.  You get to feel all the emotions and sweat equity that they put into their business and support Dayton.  Local and small businesses here in the city are something special and I encourage you to try and patron as many as possible.

4.5) Cost of Activities

You may have read in other articles about Dayton that the cost of living is amazing here in the city.  That definitely goes towards the local flavor.  In some cases there is no cost associated with the activity.  Take for example the Dayton Art Institute or even the National Air Force Museum.  Total entry fee $0.00!  The Eateries, Delicious Brews and Outdoor Activities are also extremely reasonably priced.